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Reflections on ReInvent 2016

Looking through some old things I had written I found the following: “Last year [ReInvent] felt like a large conference, but compared to this year, it was almost intimate in scale.  Everything was bigger this year–the keynote hall, the number of sessions, the vendor showcase, the giant RePlay party.” This was a comment about ReInvent […]

The End of the Enterprise Control Plane

While working to support a large-scale Enterprise cloud migration program, I’ve been giving a lot of thought to the question about what it means to be an Enterprise IT organization at the far end of such a migration.  There are many wide-ranging impacts, of course, but one of the near-term considerations is what it means […]

Random Thoughts on The Semantic Web

The idea of the Semantic Web has been simmering for some time now, the (next) great idea of Sir Tim Berners-Lee to move beyond just linking documents to providing them with a structure that would allow for the programmatic discovery of links, and create along with it another great wave of innovation.  It has been simmering largely […]

Mobile Everything

While the current impacts of mobile devices have largely been around how people interact with information online, the coming years will show that the more lasting impact will come because it transforms how we interact with the world itself, and that this change will be the defining technological trend of the coming decade

Do Web Applications Suck?

A recent rant about the state of the web has made its way around the tech chattersphere, and is part of the growing commentary on application development for native applications (something you install, on a PC, Mac, iPhone, Android) versus web applications (written to work in any of the major web browsers).  The general gist […]


Some people are happy to find a place, an idea, a cause, or just a small garden plot that they can settle upon and tend to for long periods of time, perhaps even their whole life. And then there are those who are destined to wander. And I am, most certainly, one of them.

Squeezing the sponge

I am acquisitive. But not in the usual sense, as it isn’t gadgets, gear, or money that I like to collect and horde. It’s ideas, information, and experiences which I collect. Much of it is useless on its own, but unlike the collections of things which accumulate in garages, closets, and bank accounts, I feel […]