Squeezing the sponge

Posted by on April 26, 2010 at 12:34 am.

I am acquisitive. But not in the usual sense, as it isn’t gadgets, gear, or money that I like to collect and horde. It’s ideas, information, and experiences which I collect. Much of it is useless on its own, but unlike the collections of things which accumulate in garages, closets, and bank accounts, I feel that collecting all of these abstract hoardings together brings value in the connections and relations which can be made between them, and that many new ideas, thoughts, and creative expression can result.

But it hasn’t really happened. Much as with all of the things that get squirrled away and forgotten, my own thoughts and inspirations gather their own form of dust and never see the light of day. Which is unfortunate, because I actually think I have a lot of interesting experiences and knowledge which can be mixed together to produce something exciting. I just need to actually make the effort to do it. I just need to take all that I have absorbed through the years, from reading, travels, experience, and daydreaming, and do more than acquire.

And so it’s time to squeeze the sponge. It’s time to do a bit of mental exercise, to crystallize the daydreams into coherent form, to actually make use of what I learn instead of sending it off into the archives for it to moulder. It isn’t the most novel of undertakings, nor am I convinced that it’s of much use to anyone but myself. But I KNOW that it is of use to me, and that taking the time to do more than just read and ponder is critical if I’m to move my own life forward. And if it happens to pique the interest of a few other people along the way, well, it’s always nice to find the pleasant surprises and enjoy the unexpected.